About me


I had my first PC at age of 12. An old and “robust” PC with Windows 95 on it.

At that time it was revolutionary for me. One year passed by, I was still surprised by my brand-new PC. But still. It wasn’t enough. I tried to tweak it. I went to settings on and on, find stuff to modify (at the time I wasn’t part of the Internet Era). On my own, I tried things.

Until one day, a friend of mine wanted to dump some PC parts. I was so confused why. For me, old parts weren’t a problem… I was so curious. I asked him if he can give me those parts. He nodded, that’s how my adventure began…

I tried every computer parts he gave me. and TADA! I build my very first one on my own! A Pentium 4 PC! I was so excited.


After 2 years of tweaking and trying every old PC parts to make something new. I finally got my internet. Several months later, I found something interesting on my cousin’s laptop when heading to his house. It was Ubuntu. I was so curious, I tried it and I loved it.

When I get back home, I did some research I downloaded my first Linux Distro. It was Ubuntu 10.10. The same thing happened. I find all sort of ways tweak it. Even crashing my own PC. But it was fun.


When I stepped into my secondary school, I was still using Linux, but I wasn’t guided that much about it. But did my sudo apt-get update thing (you know) and learned unintentionally Bash. I didn’t even know what was programming. Before I finish my secondary school, I learned about coding. My eyes were shining. But I didn’t really know how it was really used for. When I was in my holidays, I tried to make some research on it. I did some tutorial. It was quite complex but in the end, I finally chose it as my career job.


Now I am a tech and code enthusiast, I always need to find something to code, learn and see which new technologies are coming. From now, I am still an undergraduate student, still learning, improving myself so that I can build apps, software or build robots or any kind of algorithm which can help the world or people around me.

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