IETF 104 Hackathon: IETF Mobile App

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I’m right now in the Hackathon of IETF 104, coding remotely for the first time. And the experience ? AWESOME ! For the past 3 days with the team, I’ve been working on a mobile application for IETF.

Image result for chuck norris thumbs up gif
When Chuck Norris thumbs up who can deny it !

This past few days the experience is great, the food is great, and everything is getting better ! With Laugh and codes, I’ve been working on the IETF Application championed by Chris Marrow and Warren Kumari on IETF 104 trac.

*code with high speed internet*
Some of the team working on their project.

At first it wasn’t easy, to find a good UI for the Application , with the help and feedback of some team members; Veegish, RKS, Avi and Rahul, I keep building the app, and so far, it is getting prettier.

During this Hackathon, I’ve been mingling on the IETF Mailing list, with the two champions in Prague; asking feedback and talking my progress. Speaking of the application itself, I’ve been using open source plugins and Flutter to build this awesome and beautiful app.

Stay tuned on busymind101.


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